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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another statistically meaningless survey

True confession: one of the reasons I mentioned Woot in yesterday's post is that I am a confirmed gadget freak with a tendency to spend significant chunks of change on electronic doodads that I have absolutely no real use for, just because they have lots of bells, whistles, flashing lights, and are fun to play with. Apparently I am not alone in this gizmo-fetish, as Woot seems to specialize in items of this nature.

Case in point: yesterday I Wooted away $199 on a refurbished Acer Aspire desktop computer. Dumb dumb dumb, I know ... but hey, it was a heck of a deal!! Now, I need another computer around here like a fish needs a bicycle, as we must have at least nine or ten functioning PC's at La Casa De Toastada at the moment. I'm counting my laptop, Mrs. Toast's laptop, a couple of servers, my Internet radio station, a "backup" PC in case one of the servers craps out, and another machine that seems to have disappeared somewhere in the jungle of network wiring in what used to be "the spare bedroom" but is now more commonly referred to as "the computer room". I'm not certain exactly where it is in there, but I have a pretty strong hunch it may be plotting world domination as I write this. It is probably no coincidence that my home wireless 802.11g network is named "Skynet".

Anyway, the main reason I bought this puppy was because it came with a real, legal, licensed copy of Windows Vista. There is nearly unanimous agreement among tech writers that Vista sucks, in fact even entire blogs have been devoted to this point of view. But being a hands-on sort of guy, I wanted to experience this suckage first-hand for myself, and up until now I haven't been able to do so. If it's really as crappy as people say, I can always nuke the hard drive and install XP, but in the meantime I have a new toy to play with which only set me back $70 more than a retail copy of Vista alone. (And it has purty red and green lights! Dang!)

So on to the survey: to get a point of reference before I post anything about this potentially awesome and mind-numbing experience, I'm curious as to what operating system you, dear reader of this blog, have installed on your own computer. If you have multiple machines at home, pick whichever one you're using to read this now.

What computer operating system are you using?
Windows Vista
Windows XP (any version)
Windows 95 or 98
Apple/Mac (any version)
Linux (any flavor)
Other/I have no freaking idea
Get your own damn poll

Thanks for participating. More to come, and I'll try to post a warning if it appears that my network is starting to become self-aware.


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