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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's official: I am way too easily amused

While I've been waiting for Ms. Moose's cookies to arrive, I've been having fun this morning (and have managed to waste lots of time) making my own Garfield comic strips. Here's a tame sample; click on the strip for a larger version:

I say "tame", as I'm sparing you from some of the x-rated or otherwise sick and twisted creations I also came up with. You'll just have to use your imagination. This shiznit is addicting, peeps -- in fact, I don't recommend you visit this site if you happen to be at work right now, because it will probably kill your productivity for the rest of the day. One slight problem is that the site won't allow you to directly save the finished strip, although you can print it. To make a jpeg out of it like above, you either have to scan it after you've printed it, or better yet, use a screen grab utility (like this cool freebie called ScreenHunter) to capture the image.

Anyway, here's an idea: since Moose had a haiku contest, I'm thinking about perhaps launching a comic strip contest, awarding a prize to the reader who uses this application to come up with the most amusing and/or bizarre strip. I have no idea what sort of prize I might offer (chocolate comes to mind), but what do you all think? Too much work? Too much trouble? Too much possibility of legal action by Jim Davis and Universal Press Syndicate?

Let me know what you think. In the meantime I seem to have a strange craving for lasagne.


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