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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Theme Song

Every presidential candidate needs a snappy theme song to whip up the crowd's enthusiasm at public appearances. Remember Bill Clinton, and Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)"? A great choice, and I honestly believe that the optimism expressed in this song played no small part in his 1992 election. The 2008 pack needs something similar, and today I had a flash of inspiration.

I've played the song "Mama" by The Housefellas (feat. Christine Moore) a few times on my radio show and always liked it, but I suddenly realized today that with one simple word change, this tune would make the perfect theme for Sen. Barack Obama's campaign. It's got a funky, exciting groove and the words are spot on -- just substitute "Obama" for "Oh Mama" as you listen to my 3-minute edit of the song, and see if you agree:

Let's get it started y'all!
Let's get it started for Obama!
C'mon yall ... let's take it higher! C'mon!
Obama, Obama (sing it again!)
Obama, Obama (sing it again!)
Obama, Obama (Bama ... Bama ... Bama)
You set my soul on fire
You set my spirit free
Your love just keeps on higher
Your love is burnin' in me
It'd take a thousand lifetimes
To say the way I feel
Your light it keeps on shinin'
And now I know it's real
I know you'll take me higher
Into another world
Just keep the fire burnin'
Just wanna be your girl

Sing it again...
Obama, Obama (sing it again!)

Crowds already go wild for Obama, and I can easily visualize thousands of delegates in Denver next August in a mass frenzy, jumping up and down and chanting the refrain "Obama, Obama" in unison (sing it again!) as he makes his entrance onto the convention stage. What do you think? Am I on to something?


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