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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Welcome to NaBloPoMo

You are saying ... "Huh?"

NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, is a grassroots effort launched by a collective of bloggers to celebrate the month of November by agreeing to post something, anything, every single day during the month ... even (gasp!) on weekends. The point is to stimulate one's writing chops and perhaps kick the blogging butt into gear for those who, like me, have been somewhat less than creative lately. Of course, on the surface it seems to me that it may do just the opposite ... that I may wind up posting some throwaway crap that would otherwise never see the light of day just so that I can truthfully state, "yes, I put something up today."

Like this post.

Nevertheless, I've decided to toss my hat into the ring for NaBloPoMo and see what happens. I should mention that I learned of this blog-a-thon from my friend Schnozz, a gifted and extremely prolific writer who will have no trouble posting every day this month, even if she never writes about anything other than her rabbits. My cats are not nearly as cute or entertaining, however I should still find lots of other stuff to write about this month, what with the mid-term elections coming up next week, as well as The Holiday Season bearing down upon us with full force. Plus, I'm always discovering oddball items in the news to blog about, like this one about talking urinals, or this one about sternomancy, the art of telling fortunes by the shape of the female breast. (I stop at nothing to keep my readers informed!) So this could be interesting.

Happy NaBloPoMo, y'all!!


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