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Friday, February 03, 2006

That sinking feeling

Well dagnabbit, I almost forgot that it's CatBlogging Friday again -- how time flies! So let's take a break from getting all worked up over the week's political drama, relax, and check out the bewhiskered goodness. Today's post features my favorite furboy Mr. Tiger, looking cute (as usual):

Did you know there's an entire website dedicated to pictures of cats in sinks? I guess regular CotC readers are already aware of this, but I'm late to the party and have just discovered it. Now this is what I call media specialization, folks. I fully expect to also find sites devoted exclusively to photos of dogs on couches, ferrets in drawers, hamsters in pockets, mice in wine glasses, and who only knows what else.

Even though Tiger looks a bit surprised in the photo above, I think he'd certainly fit right in with all the other feline sink-dwellers. Here he is in a more relaxed and regal-looking pose:

Who could not love a face like that? In the immortal words of B. Kliban:

CAT: One Hell of a nice animal, frequently mistaken for a meatloaf.

Have a great week y'all, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  • At 2/05/2006 05:40:00 PM, Blogger Gigolo Kitty said…

    There is a companion site to Cats in Sinks called www.catsinbags.com. And of course there is the always funny stuffonmycats.com


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