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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Breaking political disaster news coverage

I found it quite interesting that the mainstream media finally decided to run with the John Edwards affair, which the blogosphere and other alternative sources have been covering at least since October of 2007. Many big-name news outlets are privately aghast that the supermarket tabloid (who can now justifiably crow "I told you so") beat them to this story, but the Enquirer has historically tended to not hamper itself with minor details like "proof" and "corroboration", which in this case were nearly impossible to come by until one of the players in the scandal stepped forward as Edwards himself did last week. I think it's sad that a bright star like John Edwards -- who still had much to offer to the Democratic party -- has now joined the ranks of dishonored public officials including Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, former NY governor Eliot Spitzer, and many others, who betrayed the trust placed in them not so much by having illicit sexual liaisons, but by lying about them afterwards in an attempt to cover them up.

And yet, there's another even bigger story that the MSM has neglected to report in depth: a national disaster of epic proportions that has so far caused thousands of deaths, and wreaked financial havoc in America. Once again we must turn to an alternative news source for the story, in this case The Onion. Watch the video below for the shocking details.


  • At 8/15/2008 10:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yeah, but Edwards is so cute, I'd do him too. Bill Clinton is getting a little long in the tooth for my taste, but I'm still waiting for that chance. Hilary, forgive me, I'm helpless in the presence of powerful Democratic men!


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