"Madame, bear in mind That princes govern all things--save the wind." -Victor Hugo, The Infanta's Rose

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving thanks

It's something of a non-traditional Thanksgiving for us this year, as we're ensconced in a cozy little hotel in Hot Springs Arkansas, overlooking a scenic lake and mountains. Mrs. Toast needed some R&R after working so hard at the library over the last several months, so this year we decided to get away by ourselves for a few days and save the big family gathering until Christmas. Tomorrow we plan to enjoy a fine holiday feast at a favorite restaurant here, with none of the hassle of preparation, cooking, or cleaning up afterwards. Yeah, we'll miss the leftover turkey sandwiches for the next week, but that's OK.

I know many of you will be traveling to spend your holiday with friends, relatives, and/or loved ones, so let me wish you a safe trip and a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're blessed with lots to be thankful for.


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