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Monday, April 09, 2007

Headin' for Alamotown

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. After our unexpected snow storm on Saturday, the weather warmed up a bit and we were able to enjoy the festivities with the family yesterday. The only problem was our grand-niece and nephew, who became so irritably cute while playing with their pet Easter Bunny (named "Winston") that we just couldn't stand it any more and were forced to lock the children in a pen for the rest of the day:

Ha ha! I'm kidding - please don't call the DFPS on my ass. But seriously, they were really adorable, and I hope that this photo of rabbity cuteness brings me oodles of comments. After all, it seems to work for Schnozz. Oh what the hell, here's another pic:

Hey, if we're going to pander, we might as well go all the way! I would actually consider getting a rabbit ourselves, if we didn't already have three highly territorial cats who would no doubt be less than pleased at the obvious competition for the petting and ear-scratching. So, I guess whenever we need a bunny-fix we'll go visit the relatives. ("Hi, we just came over to see Winston. Oh, and how are you guys, by the way?")

In other news, we're about to depart here tomorrow morning to spend a few days in beautiful San Antonio. Mrs. Toast is making a presentation at the annual meeting of the Texas Library Association, so I've decided to tag along, seeing as how no air travel will be involved.* She will also attend various meetings and seminars as she learns all about the latest hoop-de-doo in Libraryland. (Pardon me; I'm using this technical jargon because I know that occasionally Actual Librarians may read this blog.) Those of you who have been following this journal for a while now may remember our previous trip to the Alamo City last year for ALA, when many margaritas were consumed and general hilarity ensued as we hung out with a bunch of other wild 'n crazy liberrians, er librarians, from all over the country. We're hoping that this visit will be equally exciting, although this gathering will be strictly Texas librarians ... only a small subset of the greater information-resource culture that included the party animals from Boston we were with last year. We'll do our best, however, and depending on Internet availability at our hotel, I'll hopefully have some further adventures and photos to post later in the week.

*Honestly, since her presentation also involves a laptop and digital projector, I suspect she is bringing me along mainly for the technical support.


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