"Madame, bear in mind That princes govern all things--save the wind." -Victor Hugo, The Infanta's Rose

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where do you stand?

Thanks to Bake Town for alerting me to this interesting web site.

The quiz evaluates your opinions on issues like censorship, immigration, government spending, education, etc. to place you on a 2-D map representing your particular spot in the political spectrum. As might be expected of someone who was a bit of an activist during my college days, according to the site I am a "moderate social liberal":

"You want government out of people's personal lives, but you appear to desire some continued government control over people's economic activities. There is no political party that represents your views. You need a mix of Democratic, Libertarian and possibly Green politicians in office."

This is indeed a fairly accurate assessment of my views: I believe the government should take a reasonable amount of responsibility for public welfare, but stay the hell out of our private affairs. Check out the quiz and see where you stand.


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