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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blood moon

Check out the total lunar eclipse tonight! Although North America won't get the best view of the phenomenon (Europe and the Middle East will have a much better look at it) it should still be at least partly visible, especially in the eastern portions of the country. It starts early, with the moonrise occurring about now -- roughly 4:30 PM central time -- and achieving totality around 7:45 PM. The moon will turn a eerie shade of amber and crimson as the light from the sun is blocked by the earth. This "blood moon" was considered a very bad omen throughout history; let's hope for better luck in modern times.


  • At 3/05/2007 04:13:00 PM, Blogger April said…

    AH MAN! I was going to watch that, but was unable to get away to see it. Ah well.. what is it, another 3-5 years or something like that to see it again?


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