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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This is controversial?

Check out this TV commercial from The United Church of Christ that has been rejected for broadcast by the major networks. At a time when so much vitriol is being spewed by Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and their ilk, why is the mainstream media so unwilling to air a message of inclusion and tolerance? ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox deemed the ad "too controversial", claiming that references to race and homosexuality amounted to "advocacy". A dozen other networks including CNN, A&E, and the Discovery Channel accepted the spot.

On a related subject, have you ever wondered just exactly where your own personal beliefs regarding such fundamental spiritual concepts as God, sin, heaven/hell and the afterlife (as well as others) puts you in the religious spectrum? Then check out this interactive quiz called the "Belief-O-Matic"; your answers to it's 20 questions will claim to tell you what religion, if any, you practice...or should consider practicing. Surprisingly, my own score puts me in the company of Liberal Quakers and Unitarians -- which I never would have expected. Other quizzes on the Beliefnet site delve into topics such as "What's your spiritual type?", "What's your path to peace?", and "Did you have a past life?". There are also trivia challenges about Buddhist enlightenment, religion in pop culture, and the spirituality of The Beatles, among many others. Quite interesting.


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