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Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve Pah-tay

Things are coming together for the big live party on the radio tonight. All the clocks are synched up to the exact second with official US Naval Observatory time, and we'll have not one but THREE midnight countdowns: one for folks in the Eastern time zone, one for us here in Texas and the last for anyone listening on Mountain time. I'm picking out some tasty tunage including the top 20 dance tracks of 2005, plus we'll have adult beverages and little weenies in BBQ sauce. W00t! What more could you ask for?? Tune in to the Shoutcast stream by clicking here and select your connect speed -- 96K for broadband stereo or 24K for mono dialup. You'll need Winamp or a similar player. If you want to join in live on the air, just Skype me (it's free) using the handle "star987fm". I'll also have an ICQ channel open (114-642-374) for shouts, requests, chat, obscene messages, or whatever. The fun all starts at 9 PM (central time).

Let's get funky, y'all!!


  • At 12/31/2005 03:14:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "What's the time,
    seems it's already morning"
    somewhere for sure,
    'thought not in my place - just like in Texas...
    Best wishes 4 NY from an Accidental-Reader-of-your-blog


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