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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year.....zzzzzz

Well, Mrs. Toast and I sure had one hell of a rip-roaring New Year's Eve party last night, as you can see from the photo of us below:

I'm not quite sure if we stayed awake past midnight or not, all I can remember is at some point during the evening we started watching a DVD, which turned out to be quite possibly the dumbest movie I've ever seen in 2006, if not in my life. I'm not the only one who thinks so, either; check out a few random reviews from Rotten Tomatoes:
  • "Not everyone agrees on Shyamalan's talent as a filmmaker, but few, up till now, have questioned his sanity."
  • "A tedious, astonishingly irritating march through scene after scene of quasi-Jungian horse flop."
  • "Ludicrous, drowning in its astonishing premise and irritating by its failure to connect on any level."
  • "A gaping psychic wound, a blood-spattered, pulsating tumor ripped violently from both its creator's head and, more fascinatingly, his heart, then planted onscreen, raw and unfettered, for all to come and see."
  • "You won't see anything else like it this year, and you'll be really glad about that."
Mind you, these were some of the kinder quotes.

Anyway, everything got kind of foggy after that, and the next thing I remember the Rose Bowl Parade was on. WTF? I hope your own celebration last night was way more exciting than ours (really, how could it not have been?), and here's wishing everyone a great 2007!!


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