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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gathering of the (feline) clan

We see all three cats hanging out together so infrequently, that it's cause for notice (and a picture!) when it does happen. They tend to be more comfortable in their own separate spaces. Callie and Tiger, being siblings, are naturally close to each other, but when we brought Fuzzy (the Tuxedo cat) into the house we weren't completely sure that they would all co-exist peacefully. There had been some hissing, growling and grumbling through the screen when Fuzzy first appeared outdoors. Fortunately, they have come to tolerate each other very well, as you can see from these photos:

That Fuzzy and Callie are sleeping side-by-side as you see them above is particularly amazing to us. Callie is especially fussy about being touched, so for her to allow Fuzzy this close is extremely rare. (Of course, it could be that she was asleep and unaware of it.)

The weather in East Texas was beautiful today -- clear and breezy, temp in the pleasant low 60's -- making it a perfect day to open the windows and doors. This never fails to attract the cats. They love the smell of the outdoors, and also enjoy watching the birds at our backyard feeder.

We wonder if Fuzzy is thinking "I used to live out there!" in the photo above, but if so, he doesn't seem to miss it all that much. On the contrary, he has completely adapted to being an indoor kitty, and seems to greatly enjoy the company of his new family.

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  • At 4/08/2006 08:02:00 PM, Blogger DogMa said…

    I love your kitties Mr.Toast.
    Fuzzy especialy. I think he knows how good he's got it now and appreciates you all the more!


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